Samuel Clyde Fullerton III

Veteran, Farmer, First Families of the Cherokee Nation


Samuel Clyde Fullerton III was Nancy's cousin through their direct ancestors John McCune Fullerton and his wife Ann Rawls Fort (see above).  

After studying law in a local attorney's office, Sam's grandfather, Sam (sr),  moved from Sarcoxie to Miami, Indian Territory in 1898 to practice law. He was elected city attorney in 1901 and  was 13th Judicial District Judge from 1919 - 1923. Sam sr was a 32nd degree Mason and past master of Miami Lodge 140.

Samuel Clyde Fullerton III was born Oct. 8, 1931, in Miami. In 1950, he graduated from St. George's School in Middletown, R.I., and in 1954, received a degree in political science from Princeton University where he wrestled and played football.

After serving in the United States Army from 1955 to 1957. In 1959, he earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma and married Priscilla Cook. 

He returned to Miami where he lived the rest of his life in the foosteps of his father and grandfather, raising Black Angus and practicing law.  He was  American Angus Association president in 1974.From 1971 until 1974 he was municipal judge for Miami. He was an associate Delaware County judge from 1974 to 1976 when the Governor appointed as 13th Judicial District judge. He was repeatedly re-elected until his retired in 1998. 
While serving as 13th Judicial District judge, Sam also presided as judge of the Northeast Administrative District of Oklahoma and he was a member of the Court of the Judiciary.

Sam's daughter Minnie became a princess consort on 7 February 1969 when she married Alexander Montagu, 10th Duke of Manchester.

He died Sunday, July 2, 2006, at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. 

He was a long-time member and former elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Miami and the Miami Golf and Country Club and Quail Unlimited.

Note: In April 2017, Gary Johnson, a 50 year member of Miami Lodge 140, told me that Sam III was also a 32 degree Mason belonging to the Miami Lodge. Gary also said his farm was adjacent to Sam's.

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