This is website is owned by 6th generation 13th Judicial District denizen Edwin Hardee Turlington, a local farmer and investigator, former All American paratrooper, and father to four children of tender age.

As a a direct descendant of eight Cherokee Nation pioneers Ed  has thousands of cousins in Oklahoma's 13th Judicial District (Delaware and Ottawa counties)  dating from the present to the  Indian Territorial period (Cherokee Nation's  Oowescoowie and Delaware Districts). 

The purpose of this site is to unite the above families and their friends and associates by providing genealogical and  family histories of Oklahoma's 13th Judicial District and  Indian Territorial Districts Oowescoowie and Delaware. 

 To achieve this purpose, the site is divided into regional pages and family pages. The regional pages contain histories, current events and businesses and organisations relative to that region, and subordinate links to towns / townships with the same information organisation.

Family pages contain geographical and biographical information and subordinate links to ancestors' and cousins' contributions to pioneering and sustaining Oklahoma's 13th Judicial District and its territorial equivalent.

At the bottom of each page are three hyperlinked headings of links to articles about local government organisations and individuals "working" for those organisations, local non-government organisations and individuals working for those organisations, and local kin and any other historical links to that locality.